Initially, my intention was to craft a group of characters as the cornerstone of the Lucky Sketch brand's online presence. Gradually, it evolved into a means of catering to our fans, fostering heightened engagement, and garnering more attention on social media platforms.

Currently, I find immense satisfaction in this creative approach. It has been a journey of self-discovery and artistic evolution, one that has allowed me to embrace a digital art style uniquely my own. However, I must admit that the path to finding my distinctive style was not without its challenges. In order to find closure and share the tale of this discovery, I feel compelled to write about my artistic journey and the intricate process of uncovering my true style.



Back in 2017, I first dedicated this art style to three of my closest friends. I recall spending countless hours endeavoring to depict our everyday experiences through illustrations. To be candid, discovering and fully embracing a distinct artistic style was quite the challenge. Initially, I crafted three characters, drawing inspiration from the companionship of my two other dearest friends at the time. I began sharing most of these sketches on my Facebook page, and to this day, I continue to uphold this art style, branding it as the LuckySketch Series style.


Armed with nothing more than my smartphone and an inexpensive stylus pen, I began sharing these skits on social media platforms, weaving tales inspired by my own experiences. It was during this period that I gradually honed my skills in this particular style of drawing and embarked on the journey of uncovering my unique artistic identity.



Recent LuckySketch project for Glayra's late father with excerpts from her blog:

"Since Papa's absence for over nine months now ⏳, I have been experiencing fluctuating emotions. One moment, I feel an overwhelming wave of intense sadness 😭, taud-taud, I'd feel a glimmer of hope as I recall all the good memories I shared with him." -Glayra,


During a specific phase in my artistic journey, I adopted a style where I essentially replicated the works of other artists and reinterpreted them in my own unique way. I must admit, I was uncertain about the ethical implications of this approach, yet I noticed that several other artists also engaged in similar practices, sharing their recreated pieces in the comments section of various artworks.