Coffee ProJect

Executive Summary

Coffee ProJect is a project aimed at introducing and promoting high-quality local coffee beans from Davao City, Philippines. This project focuses on both the excellent coffee beans that the region has to offer and a unique, attractive packaging design featuring cute characters to create a distinctive brand identity.


Project Scope

Product Line

This Coffee ProJect will offer a variety of coffee beans, including but not limited to:

Branding and Packaging

Marketing and Sales


Sample Design - Pinterest


The project is scheduled to run for 6 months:


Davao Delightful Beans aims to deliver high-quality Davao City local coffee beans while charming customers with adorable packaging designs. By focusing on brand recognition, quality assurance, and marketing, this project will help create a strong presence for Davao City in the global coffee market. We look forward to your support and partnership in this endeavor.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this proposal further, please feel free to contact us at Thank you for considering our project.


Note from Project Owner

Since this is just a project proposal, wala pa gyud siyay klaro na set-up, wala pay point persons, wala pa concrete plan. So, we don't want to put great ideas into waste, diri na lang sa ni and will update this every now and then.


I've set-up an online office for those who are interested.