Muji Polyester Travel Wallet

The Muji Polyester Travel Wallet will limit the things you carry into a sleek, safe, clean, minimalist wallet and get away from keeping unimportant stuff with you like receipts, irrelevant cards, papers, pictures and other stuff that you really don’t need. This wallet features an elastic band that secures it for your convenience. It also has a hook that allows you to attach a lanyard for easy travel needs. The wallet feels comfortable to hold and can easily put on your pants as it’s very slim and compact.


Muji Less Tiring Backpack

I switched backpack last year from using the DC Brand to this Muji Water Repellent Less Tiring Backpack mainly because they were on SALE and since I have been a fan of the Muji way, I decided to not only buy this bag but also switched my wallet, pouches, shirts and stationary essentials to Muji. With these ideas in mind, I was able to finally find my niche into blogging and vlogging that doesn’t take away my aesthetics – which is my priority.


How To Start A Sketch Journal

Basically, a sketch journal is a blank notebook where you can write, draw, print or stick something on any of the pages. It doesn’t mean you have a sketch journal, you also should be art inclined. There are so many forms of Art Journal and I believe the one that is most easy thing to do is to sketch. There are no really rules when it comes into journaling so it gives you freedom of expression..