This is a journey of self-discovery and finding meaning of why I still continue to create.

My life-long relationship with artwork has lost its meaning because of my constant pursuit of pleasing and finding happiness from others,

I've tried to study and learn different forms of arts but there is always that one hindrance why I couldn't pursue it.

This page is dedicated to my Visual Development.

I'm always intimidated with artists who knows how to draw basic things such as trees, grass, flowers, mountains and water drops that I always skip trying to learn how to draw it and proceed to character illustrations because that's what I thought my style should lean towards. I've always thought about learning to draw trees for so long but it never seriously crossed my mind until I got a serious platform where I show and share my improvements.

Now, I'm really glad that I am digging through my potentials and see how far my patience would be in learning these overdue ability to draw anything that is related to nature.